UT measurement is the most trusted, standardized and applied Non-Intrusive method to measure wall thickness of metal structures. Monitoring using UT improves the reliability and sensitivity of such measurement overtime if compared to manual readings.



A¬≥Monitoring has developed, manufactured and sold already in three continents spotOn U, a UT monitoring  tool that is very flexible in its utilization and very economic.

The concept on which this was designed is to be able to measure thickness on bare, insulated and buried pipes and provide superior connectivity enabled by its multiple setup features of utilizing mobile, satellite or Wireless Hart communication depending on the client need.

The system is battery operated and batteries can always be positioned separately from the sensor in a way that they are easy to access while the sensor is positioned at a difficult to access location (for example the sensor is buried and battery and comms is above ground).


The sensor communication and data storage can be independent of a central unit or gateway therefore sensibly reducing the costs. Installation is extremely simple  and  10 sensors can be easily installed within one day if access is available, without any major preparation other than access to the structure to be monitored.

spotOn U EXS2


The spotOn U EXS2 is a range of UT monitoring  tools based on single node communication units suitable for ATEX Zone 2 areas.

This solution is available with satellite, data logger and cellular communication.

Each communication box is independent of the others and does not need pre-existing communication infrastructure.

The data are transferred to a secure server and displayed on the shieldCube software.

Several attachment styles are available to attach the sensors on straight sections of pipes, bends, branches and also vessels.

The spotOn U EXS2 can be used in combination with other A3 Monitoring technologies such as spotOn AE, spotOn LR and spotOn CP.


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spotOn U EXS0


The spotOn U EXS0 is a range of UT monitoring tools based on single node communication units. This solution is suitable for ATEX zone 0 areas, and is available with WirelessHART, wired HART and data logger communication.

The WirelessHART version requires the presence of a gateway and a server running the pre-installed shieldCube H software. The sensors can be attached on several types of pipework geometries and can be used at temperatures up to 350C.

The spotOn U EXS0 system is compatible with other A3 Monitoring spotOn technologies.


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Why SpotOn U ?


  • Quickly establish thickness trends in order to optimize inhibition strategy
  • Increase profitability by flowing and processing variable fluids
  • Removing access costs even for difficult to access structures, such as buried pipes
  • Have great repeatability and improved sensitivity compared to other similar corrosion monitoring tools.

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