spotOn® U

spotOn U is a permanently-installed real-time corrosion monitoring solution designed to operate in most environments and locations.

spotOn U provides real-time information about pipe wall thickness and temperature to identify corrosion trends in real time while reducing the need for intrusive tools and periodic inspection.


Using spotOn U asset owners can lower the risk of failures, optimize the process, reduce the access costs and increase the overall profitability of the operation.


spotOn U is a fundamental tool to obtain and monitor the reference thickness  value that many other monitoring tools rely upon.



Corrosion engineers can utilise this information to quickly establish the efficiency of inhibitors or the effect of temperature on the corrosivity of the products flowing inside pipes.



Clients can therefore optimize inhibitors strategy, use a variety of crude slates, increase the life of the asset, reduce downtime and ultimately increase the overall profitability of the refining process.


Where spotOn U?

  • Bare pipes


  • Insulated pipes


  • Buried pipes


  • 2 inches and above


  • Temp from -10C to 350C


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