Third-party damage has the potential to result in the most severe pipeline failures (full bore pipeline ruptures, for example), which dominate the risk to the public.


Third-party damage is also the most common cause of pipeline failure both in European and American statistics.

A3 Monitoring hybrid CP+AE system aims to reduce risks by identifying issues in real time.


The same solution is used to identify intrusion/theft that is another important issues in managing pipelines.

Pipeline integrity is normally checked with intrusive tools such as pigs whenever possible.


After pipeline anomalies have been identified, the most severely affected sections are removed/replaced/repaired.

In the case that such remedial action may not be immediately feasible for operating reasons, monitoring is a convenient alternative to keep under control the anomalies identified while waiting for the time window to carry out a remedial action.


The next pig run can be correctly timed using monitoring data that enables to keep under close control the threats identified in a previous pig run. Therefore costs and risks can be minimized.


Some critical areas that experience fast rate of external corrosion such as road crossings could also be monitored therefore avoiding unexpected loss of containment.

Cathodic protection (CP) is implemented in a large number of buried and subsea pipelines.


spotOn CP enables to monitoring CP at any location and transfer data in the most suitable way depending on communication options available.

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A3 Monitoring is a highly innovative company providing smart asset integrity monitoring solutions to the petrochemical and civil sectors.

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