spotOn® AE

Acoustic Emission (AE) is the most flexible NDT method.

Normally used for screening of large structures,

A³ Monitoring utilises spotOn AE for monitoring of structures.


spotOn AE can be used for monitoring the ‘acoustic activity' generated while hitting the pipe.

Intentional (theft attempt) third party interference are detected using spotOn AE and appropriate alarm is sent to the asset owner or pipeline operator.

spotOn® CP

spotOn CP identifies external threats with sudden  change of voltage due to coating damages.


Utilising Cathodic Protection monitoring, spotOn can detect when and where an illegal derivation has been attached.


spotOn CP checks voltage and send alarm immediately if a value exceeds a user threshold.

This communicates using mobile, satellite or wifi comms. Data is automatically stored and can be accessed at any time via Internet.

spotOn® AE+ CP

Combination of

spotOn AE

(Acoustic Emission)


spotOn CP

(Cathodic Protection)


has been developed as a  specialist product to detect

theft along petrochemical pipelines.


AE identifies events generated while mechanically interfering with the pipeline.

AE detects Acoustic Emission noise generated by fluid flow into the illegal branch.

CP recognises anomalous variations in voltage caused by the presence of illegal derivations or connection of hose.


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