31 Jan 2017

A3 MONITORING’S DIRECTOR speaking at the 2017 API Inspection Summit in Galveston, Texas

Dr. Alessandro Demma is joining as a speaker for the upcoming 2017 API Inspection Summit.


Dr. Demma will present an article regarding the Pipeline and piping integrity monitoring using multi-method monitoring technologies on the 1st of February 2017 at 2.15 P.M.



24 Nov 2016


After strong market response in China, A3 Monitoring renews the agency agreement with APC Integrity.

18 Nov 2016


Due to major business growth, A3 Monitoring is moving to larger premises close to London Heathrow airport. We would like to invite all of our worldwide clients to come and visit us at our new office in 2017!


Please find the address below:


Boundary House, Boston Road,

London, W7 2QE

4 Nov 2016


A3 Monitoring's SpotOn system, the leading pipeline corrosion monitoring system, is featured on the monthly issue of  World Pipelines.

Dr. Demma and Dr. Galvagni explain how SpotOn is an investment in improved economy, extended life and safer operations of pipelines and other assets.



24 Oct 2016

WATCH the latest A3 Monitoring video at IPE Conference in Calgary explaining the SpotOn Range.

26 Sep 2016

A3 MONITORING’s Director keynote speaker at Nondestructive Testing Technology Conference in Taiwan.

12 Sep 2016

Dr. Alessandro Demma is joining the roster of keynote speakers for the upcoming 2016 Conference on Nondestructive Testing Technology (CNDT2016). Alessandro will present an article on the implementation strategies to be adopted to monitor asset integrity.


The 18th Conference on Nondestructive Testing Technology and the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Society for Nondestructive Testing and Certification of Taiwan (SNTCT) will be held at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, from 27th to 28th October 2016.


For further information about the CNDT2016, you can visit the official website.




A3 Monitoring will be participating at the International Pipeline Exposition that will be held on September from the 27th to 29th, 2016 in Calgary (Canada). Please come and visit us to meet our experts and explore SpotOn®, our range of remote, real-time and non-intrusive pipeline integrity monitoring solutions including:


Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring

• Crack monitoring

• Leak Monitoring

• Third Party Damage Monitoring

A3 Monitoring’s unique and market leading monitoring technologies will be on display.

A3 Monitoring at the International Pipeline Exposition

You can visit our stand No. 422 at the Telus Convention Centre 302, 1333 – 8th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1M6 Canada.

04 Mar 2016

Tecnología spotOn® U – herramienta importante para el monitoreo de corrosión y erosión en la industria del petróleo y del gas

El monitoreo de la corrosión es un asunto importante en la industria del petróleo y del gas, ya que el coste de la corrosión en este sector de la industria solamente en USA se estima por encima de 27 billones USD (según NACE International).


En este artículo nos centraremos únicamente en el asunto de la corrosión interna y mostraremos cómo el sistema de monitoreo spotOn® U se utiliza para optimizar la gestión de estrategias de corrosión.



Haga click en la imagen para descargar el articulo.

Tecnologia spotOn® U

Click here to download spotOn U Leaflet

19 Feb 2016

Corrosion monitoring is an important topic within the oil and gas industry as the cost of corrosion in this industry sector in the USA alone is estimated to be in excess of 27 billion USD (according to NACE International).


In this article we will focus solely on the issue of internal corrosion and will show how spotOn® U monitoring system is used to optimize corrosion management strategies.


Click on the picture or on the download button to read the entire article.

SpotOn® U technology

Click here to download spotOn U Leaflet

22 Jan 2016


Este artículo tiene el propósito de clarificar los pros y los contras de distintos enfoques para el monitoreo de corrosión en términos de detección, implementación dentro de la estrategia de integridad y costes.

A3 Monitoring diseña y fabrica una serie de sensores utilizados para la corrosión, fugas, daños de terceros y monitoreo de robos. En este artículo se enfocan las herramientas utilizadas para el monitoreo de corrosión. Los sensores de A3 Monitoring requieren una mínima o nula infraestructura, son muy fáciles de aplicar y proporcionan información fiable, precisa y frecuente.


Haga click en la imagen para descargar el articulo.

Monitoreo de corrosión

Click here to download spotOn U Leaflet

14 Jan 2016

This white paper aims to clarify the pros and cons of different approaches for corrosion monitoring in terms of detection, implementation within integrity strategy and costs.


A3 Monitoring designs and manufactures a range of sensors utilized for corrosion, leak, third party damage and theft monitoring. This article focuses on the tools used for corrosion monitoring.  A3 Monitoring sensors require minimum to zero infrastructure, are very easy to apply and provide reliable, precise and frequent data.


Click on the picture or on the download button to read the entire article.

Monitoring Systems

Click here to download spotOn U Leaflet

5 Jan 2016

A3 Monitoring is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with NVI LLC in United States.


NVI LLC is the second largest privately owned NDT company in USA. Its leading position in the onshore and offshore pipeline integrity sector in USA has enabled immediate market penetration of the A3 Monitoring product lines (spotOn).

The spotOn range used for monitoring of corrosion, cracks, leaks and third party damage perfectly matches the needs of the US pipeline industry.

NVI brings great added value to A3 Monitoring technology offerings due to NVI involvement in all aspects of pipeline integrity starting from project inception going through the lifetime of the pipeline operation and finally the decommissioning. Additionally, the dynamic approach of NVI in a rapidly changing market is a key factor for the successful implementation of innovative tools that enable to reduce risk while cutting costs.

James Cloutier, CEO at NVI, is confident that the spotOn Remote Monitoring provides an exclusive solution for the deployment of real time monitoring as well as offering the lowest cost solution.

15 May 2015


spotOn LR+U and A3 MONITORING featured in

INPRA Latina – Industrias de Pinturas y Recubrimientos

spotOn LR+U  featured now in INPRA Latina – Industrias de Pinturas y Recubrimientos web site.


From next June also in INPRA Latina magazine.

28 Apr 2015

A3 MONITORING speaking at "UNPIGGABLE" Pipeline Solutions Forum taking place May 12-13, 2015 in Houston, Texas

Following the success of the Forums in 2011 and 2013, the 2015 Forum continues with the objective of addressing capabilities and guidance concerning tools for corrosion and mechanical damage inspection of ‘unpiggable’ oil, gas and hazardous liquids pipelines. The focus will be on the capabilities of existing technologies as well as those in research and development.


Alessandro Demma, director of A3 Monitoring, will be speaking  at the 2015 "UNPIGGABLE" Pipeline Solutions Forum on Wednesday 13th May at 12:15 pm. See the speaker program here.

Alessandro's talk, entlitled "Pipeline monitoring for integrity assessment: problems and opportunities" aims to illustrate the advances made in monitoring technologies and analyse some case studies where technologies of A3 Monitoring have been implemented.

10 Mar 2015


A3 Monitoring will be attending the NACE Corrosion 2015 Trade Show on March 17th – 19th.

We would like to invite and welcome you to visit our booth #20001.

Discover A3 Monitoring’s latest solution:

spotOn® LR+AE

SpotOn LR+AE offers asset owners long range monitoring of several types of damage that can affect the integrity of the asset.

SpotOn is a non-intrusive flexible solution deployable on painted, buried and subsea pipes. Data are sent to the Cloud or to the local server via mobile, satellite or wifi.

6 Mar 2015


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