spotOn LR is a Long Range monitoring solution providing identification of active degradation (corrosion or erosion) over large areas from an easy to install monitoring location.


spotOn LR operates over a wide frequency range enabling to optimize monitoring depending on specific target and environmental conditions. In combination with AUTOLR software automated identification of degradation is possible for ease of operation.

Why SpotOn LR ?


  • Monitoring under road crossings
  • Monitor large areas underground
  • Monitoring under pipe repair
  • Monitor large subsea sections
  • Monitor insulated pipes for CUI

Standard Software analysis

A³Monitoring Software analysis

spotOn LR+AE


A3 Monitoring’s latest solution, SpotOn LR+AE offers asset owners long range monitoring of several types of damage that can affect the integrity of the asset. SpotOn is a non-intrusive flexible solution deployable on painted, buried and subsea pipes. Data are sent to the Cloud or to the local server via mobile, satellite or wifi.

spotOn LR Leaflet

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