spotOn® AE

A fast, accurate and reliable Acoustic Emission monitoring system that can identify both onset and existing leaks in a pipeline.

spotOn AE is an excellent tool for detecting and locating leaks in buried and liquid-filled pipelines.

Access to the pipeline is require only locally for mounting spotOn AE sensors. The spotOn AE sensors detect the turbulent flow at the leak orifice, and with the use of digital AE systems and specialized software, the position of the leak is provided.

Normally used for screening of large structures, A³ Monitoring utilises spotOn AE for monitoring of structures.

spotOn AE can be used for monitoring the ‘acoustic activity’ generated by product leaks.

spotOn AE detects any noise produced along a pipeline, including noise caused by product leaks and valve openings.


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A3 Monitoring is a highly innovative company providing smart asset integrity monitoring solutions to the petrochemical and civil sectors.