spotOn® U

spotOn U is a permanently-installed real-time internal corrosion and erosion monitoring solution designed to operate in most environments and locations.

Where spotOn U?

spotOn U provides real-time information about pipe wall thickness and temperature to identify corrosion trends in real time while reducing the need for intrusive tools and periodic inspection.

spotOn U can be mounted on buried pipes and utilised to monitor threats until remedial action becomes either strictly necessary or convenient.

spotOn U can be installed on very hot refinery lines where the corrosion rate can change rapidly. Clients can therefore optimize inhibitors strategy, use a variety of crude slates, increase the life of the asset, reduce downtime and ultimately increase the overall profitability of the refining process.

spotOn U can be installed on platform risers and process lines to monitor for corrosion and/or erosion. Offshore clients experience massive reduction to access costs for inspection as well as optimization of periodic maintenance.


  • Bare pipes
  • Insulated pipes
  • Buried pipes
  • 2 inches and above
  • Temp from -10C to 350C


spotOn® LR

spotOn Long Range is a corrosion monitoring solution, which leverages on an innovative patented technology to provide remote threat identification for pipes that are very difficult or expensive to access.

spotOn Long Range identifies external and internal corrosion threats in pipelines, which are difficult to access.



Utilising Long Range monitoring, spotOn enables great flexibility and high performance.



AUTO LR software improves detection capabilities compared to screening.

Where spotOn LR?

  • Bare pipes
  • Insulated pipes
  • Buried pipes
  • 2 inches and above
  • Temp from -10C to 180C

spotON U & spotON LR

can be used combined together for better performance

SpotOn LR + U offers the benefit of large coverage as well as very precise thickness measurement.

This is extremely useful to corrosion engineers when establishing the locations where to apply the UT spot monitoring as SpotOn LR would cover the remaining areas of concern for presence of corrosion growth.



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