Pipeline operators must confirm that pipelines and other buried metal structures such as tanks and vessels, are protected cathodically against corrosion. This is generally done in impressed current systems by taking pipe-to-soil potential measurements at test posts along the pipe and in galvanic systems by checking the supply of current from the sacrificial anode to the structure it is protecting.


Although not usually taken as frequently as at the rectifier, measurements at CP test points are only spot checks. Again, they only indicate problems well after they have occurred and have no alarm capability.



By contrast, spotOn CP provide an immediate indication of CP levels at the important points in the pipeline network. In a well maintained CP system all points should be tested periodically but “key posts” should be monitored more intensively, including:

Mid-points, end points and low points on impressed current pipelines


• Points where pipelines cross and may interfere with each other’s protection


• Bonds, linking pipelines in a common corridor so that they are both protected equally


• Isolation joints, ensuring that buried (CP-protected) and above-ground (earthed) structures are electrically disconnected from each other


• Areas where pipelines are affected by electromagnetic fields from power conduits such as buried or overhead high voltage cables


• Points that are difficult to access, either physically (terrain) or for other reasons, such as on private land where permission is required


• Points in hazardous areas or situated at busy roadsides


• Downstream of compressor stations, where elevated gas temperatures may accelerate the corrosion process.

spotOn CP check voltage and alarm immediately if a value exceeds a user-preset user threshold.

This communicates using GSM network, radio comms or satellite comms. Data is automatically stored and can be accessed at any time via internet.




spotOn CP can also be used in combination with spotOn U or spotOn AE adding different capabilities.

For example spotOn U enables to precisely measure internal corrosion rate on a buried pipeline.

Pipeline health status can effectively be monitored by evaluating the status of the coating (and therefore the external corrosion) using CP and by measuring the internal corrosion rate using UT.

spotOn CP Leaflet

Click here to download spotOn U Leaflet

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