Acoustic Emission (AE) is the most flexible NDT method.

Normally used for screening of large structures, A³ Monitoring utilizes AE for monitoring of structures. AE can be used for monitoring the ‘acoustic activity’ generated from noise sources such as cracks or leaks in pipelines or pressure equipments or to monitor civil infrastructures such as bridges.


A³ Monitoring uses its mechanical and communication design powered with Vallen sensors. Vallen is A³ Monitoring AE technology partner and the largest AE technology developer and manufacturer in Europe.

A³ Monitoring software capabilities are essential to maximize the benefit of Acoustic Emission monitoring.


spotOn AE is an immediate extension of the spotOn U system. Using the same very simple and efficient design, easy installation and durability of the tool is ensured. This is being used in several contries to detect unathorised or illegal connections.

Very stable noise level

Peaks originated from about 100 m distance

spotOn AE+CP


This is the combination of spotOn AE and spotOn CP .

It has been developed as a specialist product to identify thefts and illegal connections and third-party damage


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A3 Monitoring is a highly innovative company providing smart asset integrity monitoring solutions to the petrochemical and civil sectors.

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