A3 Monitoring is a consulting and manufacturing company that provides innovative solutions in the field of asset integrity Monitoring.

The firm unites experts in the fields of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), petrochemical corrosion and statistical modelling, and has developed a portfolio of economic and robust monitoring tools providing real time data to the asset owners for better informed decision making.


SpotOn is the name of a series of products developed by A3 Monitoring. Addressing several of the practical issues encountered using previous generations of monitoring technologies A3 Monitoring has developed very flexible tools that can be deployed on painted, insulated, buried and partial immersed systems.


The company philosophy is to always offer the best possible monitoring solution and not just a solution!

ShieldCube is the A3 Monitoring software.


Shieldcube collects and stores data sent via mobile, satellite or wifi networks from different types of sensors deployed around the world.

It uses the most secure and certified encryption system currently existing as security of data is extremely important to us. Data storage at client server is also possible using Shieldcube.


A3 Monitoring can provide you with structural integrity solutions that are economically viable, maximise the probability of damage detection and minimise the risk of false indications.

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A3 Monitoring is a highly innovative company providing smart asset integrity monitoring solutions to the petrochemical and civil sectors.